Choose from our fantastic range of block paving for the best driveway possible

Our new block paving range now includes the latest generation of permeable paving which allows water to soak through between the blocks into the sub-base, as well as a wide range of traditional block paving.  We also install edging, kerb stones and circle packs to help your driveway stand out.

At Driveways Direct we think that by choosing the following plan, you can take all the correct steps to get the best installation for your perfect drive.



Everyday decisions such as creating vehicle parking areas on our properties can have an environmental impact on the property.  In times of heavy or sustained rainfall the drainage system can become overloaded and cause flooding.

Choosing the right option for your driveways is absolutely paramount in your decision for the best possible driveway.

Option 1 
Direct rainwater to a flower bed or another area of the garden which has been designed to allow water to drain away.

Product Suggestions

Block paving Nottingham

No Planning permission required.  This option may involve using linear drainage or a driveway channel.  It may also involve putting a soakaway underneath part of your lawn

Option 2
Use permeable paving which allows rainwater to drain through your driveway into the ground below. The latest choice.

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No Planning Permission required. We will prepare the sub-base which allows water to travel down between the blocks into the ground.

Option 3<
Do not make any provision for the rainwater that falls on your driveway. This option needs planning permission.

Product Suggestions

Planning Permission  is required. This is the least sustainable option and may contribute towards a build up of rainwater on your property during times of heavy rain.



Once you’ve got the plan in place, choose the right block paving to suit your home.  Choose from a huge range of styles and colours from our ever growing range.

Our experienced installers will help you with your choice, ensuring that you make the perfect choice that fits with your style and needs.

Below is just a sample of our available stone and colour and our installers will be glad to show you the multitude of other choices available.



The finishing touches to your driveway are there both practically and aesthetically pleasing. Choose from a number of options again t from our superior range of edgings and finishing stones. Below are just a couple of options available.

edge restraints help to support traffic loads, contain lateral movement and are available in large and small kerbs and as
a Weathered Kerb shown here

Block paving Nottingham

Our experienced installers will discuss a number of finishing options available for you

Are an ideal way of adding extra texture and
detail to the edging on driveways and paths.

Block paving Nottingham


Relax! It’s time for us to get to work on the installation..  We’ll arrange a convenient installation date to begin works and provide you with a full schedule of works.

Our skilled installers will then install your drive with as little fuss and mess as possible, ensuring professional standards at all time.
And what’s more? You don’t need to pay a penny until the job is complete and you are fully satisfied!

Are an ideal way of adding extra texture and
detail to the edging on driveways and paths.

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